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On the right of this page you can view the collection of pictures I put into a slideshow of the huge legacy of Doctor Who. This site shows you facts and figures about everything since 1963 to the present day. From the dawn of the daleks to opening of the pandorica. See the Cybermen through the ages, from The Moonbase to the Age of Steel. See factfiles on these monsters too. Not just the Daleks, the Cybermen and Sontarans but less popular ones such as Drahvins, Sea Devils and Gastropods (giant slugs to you and me!).

And that's not all! We have all of the episodes here as well. Paradise Towers? Mark of the Rani? The End of the World? The Daleks? The Big Bang? We've got them all! And.... yes there's more. See the spin-off show, Sarah Jane Adventures here as well! Sorry, can't do Torchwood!

We also have magazines here as well. No, I'm not selling but I'm giving a factfile on all of the Doctor Who Magazine's here right from No.1 to DWM whatever! Audio adventures may also be previewed and reviewed here!