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Queen Victoria, Tooth and ClawEdit

Pauline Collins (1940-) has played to characters in Doctor Who- one in 1
  • Jamie and Samantha Briggs
  • The Faceless Ones
  • Queen Victoria
  • Tooth and Claw
  • DVD
967 and one in 2006. In 1967 she played Samantha Briggs in the Second Doctor adventure, The Faceless Ones alongside Patrick Troughton (The Doctor), Michael Craze (Ben Jackson), Anneke Wilks (Polly) and Frazer Hines (Jame McCrimmon). Samantha's brother, Brian Briggs, disappeared while off on a Chameleon Tour to Rome so she decides to investigate and heads to Gatwick Airport and teams up with the Doctor to find all of the missing people. Pauline Collins was asked to stay on with the part of Samantha Briggs as a regular companion but she declined the offer.

However, 39 years later, Pauline Collins is back on Doctor Who, not playing Samantha Briggs, but Queen Victoria! She played this role next to David Tennant (10th Doctor) and Billie Piper (Rose Tyler). The storyline was focused around a trap for Queen Victoria set by some warrior monks including a Werewolf... Pauline Collins episode of Tooth and Claw can be seen on Series 2 Disc 2 DVD-however The Faceless Ones DVD cannot be recovered.