"OK kids, this is where it gets complicated!" Amy Pond, SpaceEdit

Space was a Comic Relief Special with was shown on Friday 18th March 2011. It was the first installment of a two-part mini-adventure. The second part was called Time. The adventures were written by Steven Moffat and starred the regular 2010 cast of Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.

The entire story was focused on the three travelers with no other cast whatsoever. The whole plot was set inside the TARDIS, or outside, depending on your perspective! The short adventure provided a small segment of life in the time machine without having to fight Daleks, Cybermen and other strange beings from outer space but relax and worry about dropping thermo-couplings!

  • What are they looking at?
  • Red nose of 2011
  • Doctor Who as a red nose!


Rory is helping the Doctor to 'fly' the TARDIS when Amy comes along and wants to talk to the Doctor but gets distracted when she finds Rory is actually flying a time machine. Then Rory and Amy have a whole argument about Amy passing her driving test on her first time. Rory however, says the Instructor only let her pass it because of the very short skirt she was wearing. Amy insists that it was just any old skirt but then realises that it was in fact the skirt she was wearing right at that point. This makes Rory look up from the under-section of the TARDIS at Amy's skirt but because the TARDIS has glass flooring he can naturally see right up her skirt! As you would, Rory dropped whatever he was holding at the time-which just so happened to be a pair of thermo-couplings which conveniently could result in ripping a hole in space and time and the whole universe being destroyed! Who need a crack in the wall and a pandorica when you can do it with Amy's skirt! The TARDIS jolts to a stand-still and the Doctor shouts at Rory for dropping the thermo-couplings. Then, the three travellers turn round to discover a very strange sight. The TARDIS materialised inside itself! The Doctor tests this by going through the TARDIS door and appearing out of the new police box! Rory is amused by this but the Doctor says that as long as Rory's amused while their stuck in a police box from the 1960s for the rest of eternity it's ok if Rory's amused! But while the three are arguing, a second Amy Pond appears through the original door and says the memorable line: "OK kids, this is where it gets complicated!"